The client

JM is a retail importer of clothing high fashion brands including Prada, Lacoste, Dolce & Gabbana, Scotch and soda etc.

The Challenge

Transforming a small boutique shop in Tel Aviv to a well known company.

Our approach:

Total rebranding of the shop. This includes shop name, target market definition , marketing strategy, content creation and evaluation of strong promotion ideas. The shop name was changed to Jack Monsonego to keep things simple yet relevant along the worldwide brands sold in the shop.

The results:

Within 12 months the small boutique shop expended to 5 locations across Israel.

Facebook and Instagram account followers increased from 0 to 100,000.

Customer service is now available around the clock due to numerous orders and phone calls. And last but not least, set up of an e-commerce platform that is active and poplar.





Jack Monsonego

Clothing, Fashion, ecommerce



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